A little bit about Malachi . . .

Musician / Actor / Philanthropist / Student

Malachi Samedy is the 2015  recipient of the NAACP Youth Award; he also garners a Joint Legislative Resolution and two Citations from the state of New Jersey's Senate and General Assembly. One for his ongoing contribution to the arts and the other for his humanitarian work, which includes partnering with UNICEF to help children worldwide. 

Named as one of the twelve most talented and Tiny Child Prodigies in the world by "The Huffington Post," Malachi has been blessed with the amazing gift of music.

A member of the original cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway production of School of Rock the musical, Malachi has performed alongside Grammy award-winning musicians, performers from the New York Philharmonics and the Metropolitan Opera.

At a very early age, Malachi showed promise in rhythm, timing, as well as basic drumming technique.  Around the time he was able to sit upright on his own; he began to use pencils, crayons, and toys to create rhythmic patterns on his nursery books.  At eighteen months, Malachi received his first drumsticks and a drum pad.  At twenty-four months, he "finally" received his first drum set, and he quickly progressed.

At the age of four, Malachi auditioned and was accepted to Mark Murphy's Music in New Jersey.  He is the youngest student accepted to this prestigious private music institution.  Malachi began to flourish and develop his talent by following a strict, yet fun syllabus.  His education consists of Traditional Music Theory, Rhythmic Syncopation as well as Modern & Classic Drum styles with an emphasis on Jazz.  To support him further, Malachi also attends The Thurnauer School of music where he currently studies composition, Classical Piano and Big Band.

What is most amazing about this child prodigy is not just his musical capabilities, but what he has accomplished for other children by utilizing his gifts and talent.

Since the age of five, Malachi has visited children's locations sharing his music and message of "All things are possible" and "You're stronger than your circumstances."

At age six, along with five-time Grammy Award winner Roy Wooten, Malachi performed for the "Sending Our Love to Haiti" benefit. Helping to raise over $250,000 for a children's hospital and burn unit in Haiti.  After the devastating Tsunami in Japan, Malachi performed alongside performers from The New York Philharmonic, and The Metropolitan Opera, at the "KIBO Japan" benefit to help raise funds for tsunami survivors.

At the age of seven, CNBC invited Malachi to be the featured artists at the "Night of Hope" benefit.  A celebration of the national roll-out of a child safety Program geared to educating children on how to avoid dangerous situations in order to reduce child abductions.

In 2015, Malachi was honored with a Joint Legislative Resolution by The Senate and General Assembly for using his talent to help children in America and abroad.

Malachi's lifelong effort of helping children was recently rewarded by an invitation to the "World Children's Festival" where he was given the honor of performing for the opening ceremony and singing the National Anthem at the closing ceremony.  Known as "The Olympics of Youth Arts," The World Children Festival occurs quadrennially hosting Artist, Ambassadors, Delegates and Educators from an international community.  Malachi was honored to represent The United States among two thousand artists from around the world.