National Black Theatre: The Teer Award

A cultural anchor of Harlem, the National Black Theatre was founded in 1968, created in the uproar of the civil rights movement by Dr. Barbara Ann Teer. One of Harlem’s most historic venues NBT is abundant with colorful African artwork and decor bursting with warmth and a deep sense of cultural pride. NBT's spaces host all manner of performances, musical and dramatic, as well as lectures, workshops and dance classes. Amongst some of these programs, the Communications Arts program which focuses on “performance art that is meant to educate, empower, and entertain” has been the most influential part of Malachi’s development.

“Dr. Teer’s educational philosophy is for all students to remove the veils, illusions, and lies; and to achieve an experience of being fearless, spontaneous, confident, and whole. This allows creativity to naturally flow from the vital life force within. It allows performer to transform from mediocre to magnificent. Malachi found his way to the National Black Theatre and is becoming one of the new cultural leaders whose assignment is to bring dignity, self respect and love to the community he lives and serves.”

- Shirley Fasion, NBT Director