The China Night Concert

As part of the international exchange program, the Nanjing Students of China have traveled all over the world, learning and absorbing the social structure and educational process of foreign lands as they share their culture and talent. In an effort to Gain global awareness a model school is selected by the Chinese government and given the opportunity to host up to seventeen children at a time.

*LiLi Lin, Director of the EPSD Exchange Program will travel to China in the near future to further the program, among her topics of discussion is Malachi's first invitation to perform in the People's Republic of China.

The children's seven day stay consisted of personal time with their host families, classroom interaction, and sight seeing. On this, their first trip to America the students visit: The Museum of natural history, the empire state building, Ellis island, The Statue of Liberty, and no trip to The United States would be complete without a tour of "Toys R US" in times square.

Held at The Dizzy Gillespie Auditorium,"The China Night Concert" was a celebration of the Chinese culture and pride, illustrating China's historical past, and the promise of China's future. This amazing display of cultural exchange featured various artist including the Huaxia Chinese Chorus, the King's Academy of Dance Arts, and the McCloud School Choir. Malachi was honored to be invited as the special guest performer, and the recipient of a heart felt gift from the students and staff. The students were amazed Malachi spoke mandarin, the language of their home land, and Malachi was just as amazed of the students talent, humility, and grace.